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ZOOM Access Details
If you have your own ZOOM application:-
Select Join a Meeting, Enter or select from Dropdown  [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=15]   
Good idea to tick the box to Turn Off AUDIO will be using HF only for audio....too many feedback problems if you try to use ZOOM audio.
We do however, use the Chat (Typing/texting) function of the ZOOM.

If you don't have ZOOM application loaded just use this link to go to the access point set up by Gary VK6GAL.

Bernie Gates, VK6KJ (

and of course there is always the ZOOM button on the Bernie Gates Shavers Net website at 

Bernie Gates Shavers Net

Now I hope I have all that correct, may be an issue with the Personal Meeting room details not being there until you have already had a session ...perhaps just type in the meeting number ? or will it do a search on Gary Liljegren ?

Richard VK6BMW

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