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Windows 11 Quirks
My new computer (which replaces an IBM surface suffering battery swelling) came with Windows 11 so I hoped it would work at least as good as version 10.  Smile It turned out to have extra inconveniences and traps for the unwary.  After getting rid of some of the bloatware and setting up WSJT-X, MMSSTV and EasPal the system didn't seem as reliable as the old computer.  Sad Occasionally Com port 3 for communication with the IC-7300 would not be available and nothing worked.  Device manager didn't list it and a reboot was needed to get it back.  Launching WSJT-X or EasyPal still might indicate there was no sound output device so I had to reassign com port 3 in settings.  Another more common problem was access violation messages in EasyPal whenever I transmitted audio after sending images.  Idea While looking at sound settings I noticed a rename button so thought renaming the Icom driver from USB Codec to IC7300 would help keeping track of what was assigned in SSTV and FT8 applications.  This made things worse as the system seems to have introduced a new IC7300 label on top of USB Codec; I was unable to tell which one was in use.  I tried to fix this by removing the IC7300 label but the rename command did not accept a blank field and entering USB Codec apparently made another label.  Huh This is probably not a correct descriptions as I have no idea how this works.  Angry In complete frustration I just deleted the Icom drivers and started from scratch reloading a new driver.  So far this seems to be working.  Shy The cautionary tale might be not to fiddle too much with settings without knowing how they work.  It also shows Windows 11 is no clearer to me than Windows 10.

I usually don't use smilies but why not?
Moved this into the PC area.
Would like to see a list of your Device manager showing USB devices and the COM ports.

One important thing to consider is DO NOT allocate any of your AR specific drivers as Default devices. Windows gets a bit possessive of default drivers and rearranges them !

Hi Daniel,
I had my interest piqued and decided to do a search.
These utube video's  from WA2IVD are easy going, thorough and for someone without a 7300 appear quite good. He did have a few gaps in his explanations in video 27 but the lead up in the other videos appears to be quite inclusive of all detail and options. Start with #23 and cover them all up to #27.

The rig has indeed many points of configuration that need to be set appropriately for digital operation..I understand your frustration, but a methodical progression thru the settings should give the desired result.

My understanding is that you now have the rig all well configured and now need to control the PC a little more Smile

The setting of Power Management OFF for the USB ports is of particular significance here!

I think you should persevere with the renaming of the USB port devices to something more appropriate ie IC7300 audio INPUT etc.

Fortunately the FLEX drivers I use to do the same thing with the Flex, include "FLEX" in the Device name definition. I have not had any issues with devices being renamed!

Keep at it !
Yes, it seems to be working now, only limited by the vagaries of propagation.

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