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A question was asked in the Flex radio group if anyone was running Flex remote via a Starlink connection.

This response re use of Starlink for ZOOM may be very pertinent.  Gary, have you had any ZOOM clients using Starlink?

 From     FlexRadioSmartSDR - Digest #228

 for FlexRadioSmartSDR.Re: Remote Station Operation using Starlink
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2022 03:19:48 AWST
I Zoom with a couple hams once a month, and the one on Starlink has video and audio freeze with some regularity.  I would assume that would impact remote operation.
Rob, NC0B
Re: Remote Station Operation using Starlink
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2022 03:28:21 AWST
I use a pair of Pep Link routers to build a Software-defined WAN.
You need to have the ability to bridge the level two packets, which PepLink can do,
Also, one of the two routers must be on a public accessible IP address:
Flex performance was good, not great, but it did work.  Your results may vary.
Alan. WA9WUD
Re: Remote Station Operation using Starlink
From: Dave wo2x
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2022 03:32:40 AWST
The problem is STARLINK uses carrier grade NAT and you need to run some kind of VPN. 
The disadvantage of running VPN instead of SmartLink is you lose the optimization to reduce data usage. WAN connections sends uncompressed audio packets where over SmartLink they use a different audio algorithm. While the VPN solution may work it will require more uplink bandwidth at radio end. 
Dave wo2x
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