Remote Hams

Operators on the Net often utilise an alternative Remote Receiver to listen to the Net if their own station location suffers from degraded reception due to local suburban noise or QRM.
RCForb Remote Hams is an application provided by Elecraft which provides this service to the Amateur Community. The Remote equipment can also be utilised as a FULL remote station with transmit capability. This is used by operators, often in Community housing etc, where they cannot install external antennas. These Remote Stations can also be accessed from anywhere in the World where there is an Internet connection.

A Remote Hams User MUST have an Amateur licence and sign up for a Remote Hams account. These accounts are free. Donations are welcome and can be made through the website via the Donate Tab.

Now to get you setup to use Remote Hams:-
There are a few ways, this method is just one of them. Dependent on your existing setup, knowledge and whether you already have an Account with Remote Hams you can jump in at any stage …
This is a good starting point.. Just Click on the Remote Hams button below and follow the steps.

Now that you have the Remote Hams Client software loaded and running, here are a few tips to help you use it.

  1. To reduce the clutter and only display the VK6 stations, put VK6 in the search box…

2. The Band can be changed or a Frequency entered direct by Clicking on one of the Tabs to the left of the Transceiver display, then selecting or entering the desired Band or Frequency….

and here is an OTN article by Phil VK6SO. Provided by RAOTC OTN Magazine.

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