Amateur Radio in Australia

Bernie Gates Shavers Net

in Memory of Bernie VK6KJ

Daily (except Sunday) at 0000 UTC (0800 WST) Currently on 80M for the winter.

Bernie Gates was a very active Amateur Radio operator and TV / Radio Serviceman from Albany, Western Australia.

Bernie became a silent key in 1992.

This Net commenced in the early 70’s. A group of Amateurs would get on air, supposedly whilst shaving, for a quick natter before starting work for the day. 7095 KHz or 3610 KHz +/- QRM depending on time of year and propagation…..

Daily at 0000 UTC, 0800 WST (except Sunday)

Generally lasts ½ to 1 Hour.

Amateurs have called in from as far afield as Exmouth and Esperance in Western Australia and now with the wonders of modern science we have a new member all the way from Melbourne in Florida via Remote Hams.

ZOOM Video feeds added on 23 April 2021 ( see note below )



April 23 2021

The Net took a technological leap. We added video !! Participants of the net could be seen via a simultaneous ZOOM meeting. It was well received by those that availed themselves of the video feed. Video only at this time as addition of audio via ZOOM was considered to be quite confusing. All audio was via the usual HF Net from the participants own station equipment ( other than those using a Remote Hams facility of course:) ). This may become a regular part of the net every Friday, addition of TEXT will be added on the 30 April 2021 as a trial.

Many thanks to Gary VK6GAL for this service.

June 2021

ZOOM addition is proving quite popular with images being shared and discussed. We now run ZOOM on both Friday and Saturday.

Saturday has been activated to enable the weekday workers to join in.

Text chat is available simultaneously, but is not being used much other than to advise of equipment or link errors.

September 2021

Mark VK6QI has joined the Net from NSW via the Remote station provided by the Southern Electronics Group. Welcome Mark and thank you to SEG. We actually had 9 members on-air just recently !

Photos have been added as a precursor to Net discussions if you get them on the Site in time or as a reflection on discussions during a Net. These photos are added as an image carousel and when Clicked on give you access to the carousel. To start..Wellington Dam murals and Graham Hewitt’s VK6HE (SK) Pietenpol aircraft.

March 2022

Video via ZOOM is proving quite popular and providing some moments of mirth !! So much so that Gary VK6GAL has extended the ZOOM sessions to cover Thursday mornings as well. Many thanks Gary.

April 2022

Site migrated to new subdomain… Numerous additions.

Forum is up and running…Register with your Callsign.

Photo of Founders added…

Personal Links area added.

May 2022

Department of Civil Aviation in Western Australia added.

VK6XO AM transmitter added to Projects..

New Forum software implemented. MyBB. Give it a try. Unfortunately you will have to Register on this new BB to be allowed to Post. You can still view.

Added DX Calendar button.

July 2022

Added Button to access Southern Electronics Group ( VK6SR ). SEG provides access to Remote Hams driven remote transceivers that a few of our Shavers Net participants use every Net. Thank you to SEG.

August 2022

Title change

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