Amateur Radio in Australia

Bernie Gates Shavers Net

in Memory of Bernie VK6KJ

Daily (except Sunday) at 0000 UTC (0800 WST) Currently on 80M due to changing conditions…check on the day !

Bernie Gates was a very active Amateur Radio operator and TV / Radio Serviceman from Albany, Western Australia.

Bernie became a silent key in 1992.

This Net commenced in the early 70’s. A group of Amateurs would get on air, supposedly whilst shaving, for a quick natter before starting work for the day. 7095 KHz or 3610 KHz +/- QRM depending on time of year and propagation…..

Daily at 0000 UTC, 0800 WST (except Sunday)

Generally lasts ½ to 1 Hour.

Amateurs have called in from as far afield as Exmouth and Esperance in Western Australia and now with the wonders of modern science we have a new member all the way from Melbourne in Florida via Remote Hams.

ZOOM Video feeds added on 23 April 2021

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      1. Net Time change There has been some discussion on a change of time for the Net as 0800 to 0900…

      2. Forum does not appear to be used and may be discontinued. Currently turned OFF. Please leave a message if you…

      3. Wednesday 7 Dec ZOOM Feel free to try Thurs – Sat meeting, it all worked on Tuesday 🙂

      4. Well that worked well. As Gary wasn’t available, Kim and Neil selected the ZOOM Thurs-Sat session and it all worked…

      5. STOP PRESS Gary is busy this morning ( Tuesday ) . ZOOM video will NOT be available unless we do…

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