Audio Clips

These clips were taken from on-air recordings of the Shavers Net in action…

These files are raw recordings from an FT1000MP MKV transceiver connected to a 40M wire dipole at approx. 6M above ground. The antennae orientation runs from approx. 30 deg to 210 degrees. . The audio is sourced from the AUDIO OUT jack on the rear of the FT1000MP, this audio level is independent of the front panel volume control and then fed to an AIO PC via a USB audio dongle

Recording is achieved with the basic RECORDER in WIN 7. The resultant WMA file is imported into AUDACITY, converted to MONO and exported as an MP3 file at 64Kbps rate.

As the maximum upload size I have available is 20MB, the files have some long sessions of silence removed and are limited to approximately 30 minutes of the net. Occasionally I may delete portions of the “overs” to generally reduce the overall size of the file.

From 17 October 2014 the recording were carried out using Ham Radio Deluxe audio grabber. This automatically saves an audio MP3 file to a specified file length or time, it then continues to record to a new file. This is much less labour intensive than using AUDACITY, but will not be edited ! I also noticed it does not record my transmission.

This list of files could get massive 🙂 May I suggest I just leave them up for 30 days, then just leave a sample of the month, say the first of the month. Comments most welcome.

Richard VK6BMW is now using an ANAN 200D HPSDR and still tailoring the configuration, sounds very “pumpy” at the moment.

Jan 2019 Increase in comments about audio quality, I prefer the term audio characteristic :). So here are a few new recordings using the ANAN 200[D] in diversity mode with Noise reduction level 2 selected.

Below are some sound grabs from the early days of the Net.
Click on an entry to play this on your device.